Czech-English Courses

Evolution of Czech-English Courses

For many years, two 10-Day Vipassana courses were held in the Czech Republic annually. These took place at rented sites, typically schools or hotels.

In the winter of 2017/2018, a trial Czech language course was organized outside the country at Dhamma Pallava, a newly constructed Vipassana center in Poland.

Due to its success, annual 10-Day courses have been consistently held at Dhamma Pallava ever since. However, efforts are underway to find a suitable location to reintroduce 10-Day courses to the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Additionally, 1-Day courses for old students are regularly conducted at various locations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In September 2022, the first 3-day course for old students was successfully organized in Lubenec, Czech Republic."


We are excited to share that after several years, Vipassana will return to the Czech Republic.

The course will be held at the holiday campus Kosov u Záhřebu in August 2024.