Course schedule and application

For many years there have been two 10day Vipassana courses held in the Czech Republic every year, at rented sites, usually schools or hotels. In winter 2017/2018 a trial course in Czech language was held outside the country, at the newly built Vipassana center in Poland, Dhamma Pallava. Except for a few logistical difficulties the course was quite successful and the feedback from participating students was very positive.
Since we are currently lacking a suitable place for 10day courses in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, a decision has been made to hold both the courses in 2018 at Dhamma Pallava. However, the effort to find a suitable place in the country still continues and the goal is to have at least one 10day course in 2019 in the Czech or Slovak Republic.
At several locations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 1day courses for old students are being held as well.
For a schedule of available courses and to apply online, please click HERE.


If you need a ride to a course or want to offer one click HERE.